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QuickTemplate is a PHP extension for mananging templates and performing multi level variable and block interpolation.

Why QuickTemplate ? [bref]
QuickTemplate class can manage a multi-level template (you can define blocks and multi-level nested blocks.)
You can define simples varibles like {MYNAME} or {MYAGE}, or you can define an associative array which include all needed keys like: {MYDATA.NAME} or {MYDATA.AGE}
Some defaults variables are defined: like date, time, self url, auto-increment etc.
A double-chache system is used to decrease the parsing time of your pages.

Current version:  5.0
Still working on this version... I use this class in my projects and seems to be stable. There are some problemes with the olders versions. Not working on php3 (If you want a version of this class for php3 just mail me!)

This page:
This page is the "official" page of QT class, ans is under construction :(^)
Thanx to SourceForge team for hosting this page!

Download QuickTemplate class and documentation:

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    Support requests:
    You need help?[Send here] or you can mail me.

    This class is free software, you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation. [read]

    Contact me at one of these addresses: stefanbocskai at hotmail dot com, stefanbocskai at yahoo dot com.
    Here is my personal page: